Set and Store Radio Presets

How to set radio presets on your HondaLink system

  1. To change a preset in your Honda vehicle, start out by pressing the “Source” button.
  2. Next, select the source that you would like to set a preset for. This process is almost identical for the FM, AM and XM radio sources, but in this example we are going to set an FM source.
  3. Right now we want to add a preset for a favorite station.
  4. To do this we tap the “Tuning” option. Here we can see what station we are currently on, use the top selector to fine tune the station, or use the larger bottom selector to skip between stations.
  5. Use the bottom selector to search for the station you would like to add as a preset. Once you have found your station, press the “Presets” option while your desired station is playing through the radio.
  6. Next determine which preset you would like to remove in exchange for your new station.
  7. Complete the change by tapping and holding the desired preset.
  8. After a few seconds, the screen will flash and your preset selection will be complete.

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